Bond Out Faster

FL Statutes: Laws Florida – Title XLVII Chapter 903 Bail

903.011 “Bail” and “bond” defined; general terms.
903.02 Actions following denial; changes in bail conditions or bond amount; separation by charge or offense.
903.03 Jurisdiction of trial court to admit to bail; duties and responsibilities of Department of Corrections.
903.035 Applications for bail; information provided; hearing on application for modification; penalty for providing false or misleading information or omitting material information.
903.0351 Restrictions on pretrial release pending probation-violation hearing or community-control-violation hearing.
903.045 Nature of criminal surety bail bonds.
903.046 Purpose of and criteria for bail determination.
903.047 Conditions of pretrial release.
903.0471 Violation of condition of pretrial release.
903.05 Qualification of sureties.
903.06 Validity of undertaking by minor.
903.08 Sufficiency of sureties.
903.09 Justification of sureties.
903.101 Sureties; licensed persons; to have equal access.
903.105 Appearance bonds.
903.131 Bail on appeal, revocation; recommission.
903.132 Bail on appeal; conditions for granting; appellate review.
903.133 Bail on appeal; prohibited for certain felony convictions.
903.14 Contracts to indemnify sureties.
903.16 Deposit of money or bonds as bail.
903.17 Substitution of cash bail for other bail.
903.18 Bail after deposit of money or bonds.
903.20 Surrender of defendant.
903.21 Method of surrender; exoneration of obligors.
903.22 Arrest of principal by surety before forfeiture.
903.26 Forfeiture of the bond; when and how directed; discharge; how and when made; effect of payment.
903.27 Forfeiture to judgment.
903.28 Remission of forfeiture; conditions.
903.286 Return of cash bond; requirement to withhold unpaid fines, fees, court costs; cash bond forms.
903.29 Arrest of principal by surety after forfeiture.
903.31 Canceling the bond.
903.32 Defects in bond.
903.33 Bail not discharged for certain defects.
903.34 Who may admit to bail.
903.36 Guaranteed arrest bond certificates as cash bail.