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Selecting a bail agent (bail bondsman) is a very important decision. There are many choices and bail bondsmen out there, so this site is designed to help you understand the bail process, anticipate what to expect when posting bail, and to help you find the bail bondsman that is best suited to help you, your friend or loved one get out of jail as quickly as possible. Bail bond information varies from state to state, but understanding the basic rules regarding posting a bail bond will help you make a more informed decision when time is of the essence.

We know you have many choices out there sometimes too many choices so, we have done the research to help save you time and money. The PREMIER bail bondsmen listed on this site have all been pre-screened and pre-qualified prior to being listed on this site. Just select your state and get a comprehensive listing of licensed bail bondsmen who are ready to help you now.

Licensed Bondsmen in the State of Indiana

As of 2021/07/25 18:26:35

Business NameCityPhone #Website
Iowa Bail BondsAdel(515)993-4757Yes
Lederman Bail BondingAdel(515)993-5300Yes
Bail BondsAdel(515)277-2663Yes
Absolute Authentic Adel Doc's Bail BondsAdel(515)993-3774Yes
A 2-Z Bail BondsAdel(515)993-1066Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsAmes(515)233-9000Yes
Bond Paul & DonnaAmes(515)296-5081Yes
1st Call Bail BondsAmes(515)292-0550Yes
Yes Bail BondsAmes(515)232-3100Yes
Z Bail BondsAnamosa(319)462-5555Yes
Yes Bail BondsAtlantic(712)243-8800Yes
Lederman Bail BondingAtlantic(712)243-2616Yes
Iowa Bail BondsBoone(515)432-6581Yes
A A A A Greebird Bail BondsBoone(515)432-9911Yes
First Call Bail BondsBoone(515)432-1113Yes
A-2-Z Bail BondsBoone(515)432-7100Yes
All American Bonding Company Burlington Bail BondsBurlington(319)753-9018Yes
Lederman Bonding CoBurlington(319)754-4444Yes
A-1 Bail BondsBurlington(319)752-7944Yes
Lederman Bail BondingCalmar(563)382-0550Yes
Lederman BondingCarroll(712)792-2102Yes
1st Priority Bail BondsCedar Rapids(319)366-8991Yes
SuperbondsmanCedar Rapids(319)366-7552Yes
American Bail BondsCedar Rapids(319)366-0639Yes
Yes Bail BondsCedar Rapids(319)366-8000Yes
Alliance Bail BondsCedar Rapids(319)369-4978Yes
Hawkeye Bail BondsCenterville(641)856-4222Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsCharles City(641)228-6797Yes
Liberty Bail BondsCharles City(641)228-6700Yes
North Iowa BondingClear Lake(641)357-1606Yes
Lederman Bail BondsClinton(563)242-8644Yes
Yes Bail BondsCorning(641)322-4511Yes
Gallagher Bail BondsCouncil Bluffs(712)323-3886Yes
AAA Advantage Bail BondsCouncil Bluffs(712)318-1251Yes
Yes Bail BondsCouncil Bluffs(712)352-9000Yes
A Bail BondsCouncil Bluffs(712)323-2663Yes
AAA Advantage Bail BondsCouncil Bluffs(712)366-6777Yes
1 Bail BondsCouncil Bluffs(712)352-4288Yes
Lederman Bonding CoCouncil Bluffs(712)325-4444Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsCresco(563)547-4024Yes
1st Call Bail BondsCreston(641)782-2994Yes
Aaaa Free Bird Bail BondsCreston(641)782-8282Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsCreston(641)782-2988Yes
A-1 Bail BondsDavenport(563)242-7065Yes
Hillman, ShelleyDavenport(563)326-5365Yes
First Call Bail BondsDe Soto(515)834-2663Yes
Bail Bond ServiceDenison(712)263-6734Yes
Lederman Bail BondsDenison(712)263-3666Yes
Jail BustersDes Moines(515)244-6621Yes
Bill's Cash Bonds/Kenny's Bail BondsDes Moines(888)959-6890Yes
A Bail Co. Bill & Travis RothmeyerDes Moines(877)646-0206Yes
Always Affordable Bail BondsDes Moines(515)953-3134Yes
A & ADes Moines(515)244-3380Yes
Lederman Bail BondsDes Moines(515)274-0163Yes
Yes Bail BondsDes Moines(515)224-4448Yes
AAA Speedy Release Bail BondDes Moines(515)288-0874Yes
Base Bail BondsDes Moines(515)270-8668Yes
Bail Bond Pros IncDes Moines(515)883-2245Yes
1 Bail BondsDes Moines(515)462-4288Yes
Kenny S Bail BondsDes Moines(515)707-5000Yes
Arey BailbondsDes Moines(515)265-1888Yes
Merchants Bonding CoDes Moines(515)243-8171Yes
A-2-Z Bail BondsEarlham(515)232-5300Yes
Banner BondingEarlham(515)758-2324Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsEldora(641)858-2060Yes
Lederman Bonding CoElkader(563)245-5555Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsEstherville(712)362-8955Yes
AAA Freedom Bail BondsEverly(712)834-2978Yes
A A A Lederman Bail BondsFort Dodge(515)955-7775Yes
A-1 Bail BondsFort Madison(319)372-4112Yes
Lederman Bail BondsFort Madison(319)376-4444Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsGlenwood(712)527-5200Yes
First Call Bail BondsGuthrie Center(641)747-2202Yes
Lederman Bail BondingHampton(641)456-2211Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsHarlan(712)755-3445Yes
Iowa Bail BondsIndianola(515)962-0200Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsIndianola(515)961-6000Yes
Yes Bail BondsIndianola(515)961-2929Yes
Bail Bonds of IndianolaIndianola(515)962-0000Yes
A-2-Z Bail BondsIndianola(515)962-2247Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsIowa City(319)337-5405Yes
Yes Bail BondsIowa City(319)354-7777Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsIowa Falls(641)648-5400Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsKnoxville(641)842-2663Yes
AAAA Greebird Bail BondsKnoxville(641)828-7471Yes
Yes Bail BondsKnoxville(641)828-6300Yes
A A A Lederman Bail BondsLe Mars(712)546-7000Yes
Lederman Bonding CompanyLeon(641)446-6551Yes
2nd Chance Bail BondsMarion(319)377-9555Yes
1st Call Bail BondsMarshalltown(641)752-3737Yes
Yes Bail BondsMarshalltown(641)752-9444Yes
Kenny's BailbondsMarshalltown(641)752-5200Yes
Iowa Bail BondsMarshalltown(641)752-3998Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsMason City(641)423-1899Yes
A 1 Bail BondsMeservey(888)723-1215Yes
Action Bail BondsMontezuma(888)623-4580Yes
2nd Chance Bail BondsMount Vernon(319)721-2715Yes
A-1 Bail BondsMuscatine(563)263-8806Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsNevada(515)382-6843Yes
A Accelerated Bail BondsNevada(515)382-4600Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsNewton(641)791-2555Yes
Yes Bail BondsNewton(866)888-2734Yes
2 Broke Bail BondsNorth Liberty(319)665-2422Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsOrange City(712)737-4233Yes
AAAA Free Bird Bail BondsOsceola(641)342-8888Yes
Lederman Bail BondsOskaloosa(641)673-6670Yes
Hawkeye Bail BondsOttumwa(641)683-1970Yes
J & J Bail Bonds IncOttumwa(641)682-2247Yes
Yes Bail BondsPleasant Hill(515)244-4448Yes
All American Surety BondsPleasant Hill(515)262-0022Yes
A Bail BondsPrimghar(712)757-2219Yes
A A A Lederman Bail BondsPrimghar(712)757-4444Yes
Lederman Bonding CoRock Rapids(712)472-4799Yes
A Bail BondsSibley(712)754-2254Yes
1st Priority Bail BondSioux City(712)266-3753Yes
Yes Bail BondsSioux City(712)239-2211Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsSioux City(712)277-0077Yes
Speedy ReleaseSioux City(605)232-0077Yes
Kammerer Steven Bail BondsSioux City(712)276-9587Yes
A Bail BondsSpencer(712)262-2295Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsSpencer(712)262-1010Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsSpirit Lake(712)336-0666Yes
A Bail BondsSpirit Lake(712)336-2113Yes
A-A-A Lederman Bail BondsStorm Lake(712)732-7777Yes
A1 Bail BondsThor(515)368-1705Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsWashington(319)863-9300Yes
Hawkeye Bail BondsWashington(319)863-1970Yes
First Priority Bail BondsWaterloo(319)229-5333Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsWaterloo(563)422-9411Yes
AAA Affordable Bail BondsWaterloo(319)291-7777Yes
A-1 Flynn Bail BondsWaterloo(319)233-2745Yes
AAA Lederman Bail BondsWaukon(563)568-5222Yes
Goldberg Bail BondsWaukon(563)568-4877Yes
Yes Bail BondsWebster City(515)832-8989Yes

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