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Bond Holds / No Bail Set

Why do I have a “No Bond” in my Case?

What is a Zero Bond

judge set no bail or a bond holdIf you have received a “no bond”, this means that you cannot be released out of jail by paying a bond until a bail amount is set by the assigned judge. You may receive a “no bond” if you are on probation or are out on bond for another criminal offense. If you have been charged with a particularly violent crime like abuse or murder, the judge or prosecutor might consider you to be a “flight risk”, and you will be held without bond. Additionally, you may receive a “no bond” if you have been previously sentenced to prison two or more times.

Also known as a “zero bond”, a “no bond” can sometimes be the result of a mistake on the part of the judge. Our firm has had to rectify these mistakes on the behalf of the accused in numerous situations, and we can help you with this unfortunate situation. If your case is a “no bond”, your lawyer needs to request a bail amount from the judge. Unfortunately, this usually means that bail will not be set until the next day or the following Monday if the arrest occurs on the weekend. The bond will not be set until you are taken into formal custody by the police.